Wolfram has landed tonight and we are delighted to have him here. Here follows brief horse information about the participating horses.

Horse info Wolfram Wittig clinic:

Victoria Logård with

Winter lily SPO

6 years

e. Carlton Hill- Fabuloso

Founder/Owner: Team SPO

Has only been ridden for a total of 8 months when she had foals. Will go through the 5-year program this spring if she is not sold in time

Fredrik Böhling with

6 year selection e. Fiorano – Santa Cruz – Donnerhall. He is imported from Westphalia in Germany.

Owner: Malin Lamell

Breeder: Mona Eckardt

Jeanna Högberg with

Dracarys born in 2014

Dancier-Don Frederico

Edited by Willem Klausing

Owner Jeanna Högberg Dressage AB

Anna Österberg with

Rolecz e. Rosewelt u. Chikoria (who is e. a jumping stallion called Calino) Anna still has her mother and three little siblings at home. Breeder is Anna’s mother Lena Nilsson, owner is Anna. The team has competed up to Int 1. with wins.

Mads Hendeliowitz with

Fierra Girl by Faustinus x Rubinrot, 9 years old, owner and breeder Malin Myrman

Caroline Darcourt with

Sankt Erik II 2009 Johnson-Weltmeyer sired by Erik Strömqvist owner Lövsta Studeri. Compete tom Int1, towards Int 2 with the goal of starting it this year.

Mads Hendeliowitz

Sir Adam 14 year old whale. e krack x Calypso, Kwpn, owner Lillan Jeppsen, Norway