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Lovisa Degreef Beselin

During the days 27th and 28th of December Lovisa is having dressage training days at Hagbyholm. Please contact to participate.

Lovisa Degreef Beselin did her equestrian training at Landes Reit und Fahrschule with Wilfried Gehrmann, Wülfrath. After graduating from Warendorf, Lovisa worked for Jan Bemelmans, then Belgian national team coach, later Spanish and now the French national team coach. After a year with Jan, Lovisa started as a rider with Dr Reiner Klimke in Münster. A fantastic offer. So very good riding with the multiple Olympic and World Cup medalist.

Meanwhile, Reiner’s daughter Ingrid was also in the stable. Ingrid rode both difficult jumping and difficult dressage with the same horse. Ingrid worked a lot with cavaletti and Lovisa was involved when Ingrid wrote an updated version of her father’s book about Cavaletti’s work.

She ended up on the front of the book cover with the horse Pan Am. Klimke’s time was the best in equestrian life and after Dr Klimke’s death, Lovisa returned to Sweden. Here she ran training stables and teaching and competed up to difficult dressage. Today Lovisa teaches crew and competes her Back on Tracks Rubin Noir. A 9-year-old gelding after Rascalino- Sugunas xx. Lovisa also works as a sponsor manager at her husband’s company Back on Track AB. In 2014, Lovisa started up Equestrian Academy with the goal of arranging clinics and events in small, medium and large formats.