Demo day at Carl Hester’s house!

Before Christmas, 50 tickets will be released for an unforgettable day we are arranging at Carl Hester’s house that you don’t want to miss. We go to Carl at the beginning of April 2024 and spend a day at his farm where we follow his training.

Carl Hester – Thanks for an amazing day!

Thanks to everyone who attended our masterclass with Carl Hester that took place at Täby Ryttarcenter on October 15!

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A Day with Helen

Come with us home to Helen Langehanenberg’s farm in Germany. We follow her riding at home on the ranch one day. Ticket release and more information about the trip in October. The day with Helen is hosted in January.

Helen Langehanenberg's ranch in Germany

Masterclass with Ingrid Klimke

Masterclass with Ingrid Klimke 3 and 4 February 2024.

Pavo is our Partner. You who win a bid will be contacted by Pavo who will tell you about the feed and offer a nice sample kit.

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Carl Hester – it was a fantastic clinic


Caroline Darcourt at Van Vivaldi photo Maria Oscarius.

Carl will return to Sweden in 2020.

It was a fantastic clinic with Helen Langehanenberg in Luleå

In deep snow, Helen visited a packed Luleå Ridhus. A very inspiring clinic where, among others, Cecilia Bergåkra rode along. In the photo Cecilia Izack rides, photo Johanna Larsson.


Clinic in Luleå

Clinic in Luleå

It was a great Clinic in Luleå with Helen Langehanenberg, already almost one year ago. Hope to get Helen there again.

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Carl Hester Strömsholm 13 oktober 2018

Carl Hester Strömsholm 13 oktober 2018

Before coming to Sweden the last time, he said he did not really want to host clinics. With great persuasion, he was still in a crowded riding house on beautiful Strömsholm. We had rented extra seatingstands and it was full to the width and height. Carl Hester - the...

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Carl Hester – the latest on Strömsholm 2016

Carl Hester – the latest on Strömsholm 2016

A wonderful day with Carl Hester. With his teaching of how important bearing and horse's balance is, Carl Hester gave in a very entertaining way - a fantastic clinic at Strömsholm. 2018 he will be back ..... stay tuned ......

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Isabell Werth – Success

Isabell Werth – Success

Isabell Werth - Success Worldstar Isabell gave us magic moments. Spot on comments left no step unwatched. This was an event you couldn't afford to miss.

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Alizée Froment

Alizée Froment

Alizée FromentAlizée Froment put on a show that was absolutely magical. She rode her horses without a bridle and showed by hand. A day to remember.

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