We welcome Sönke on 5/5 to Enköping

Admission at 9:00 and the clinic starts at 9:30. Lunch is between 11:45-12:40. There is a cafeteria with hot food and coffee. The clinic ends at 16:00.

Riders at the Sönke clinic:

Emilia Bergåkra at Jarno. 18 year old Stallion   Coelenhagen’s Purioso- Coelenhagen’s Lets be the best. Breeder R.Bonhof Holland. Owner: Karin Levin Angergård / Studeri K2
Emma Mattisdotter at Lightfeet 6-year-old mare. e Rubinson- Schumacher. Breeder: J.C Collewijn. Owner: Nova Equestrian.
Anne Maria Peltonen on Hydane van de Kerkhoeve 12 year old choice. e Dayano-Wendekreis. Breeder Toby Horstin. Owner: Equestrian.
Elsa Tidigs at Coco HS 12-year-old mare by Santano – Darwin. Breeder: P.Smits Owner: Anneli Tidigs
Karin Öljemark on Samson 10 year selection by Samba Hit II- Duntroon. Breeder Heinz Pauli. Own: Inga Fridh
Martin Ågevall at Baccara mare 10 years. e.Beltoni – Lord Loxley. Breeder Karl August Schulte. Own. Marie Jansson
Maria Frisk at Silenzio 13 years e. Silvano-D-Day. Breeder: Hanna Fagerström Owner: Suzanne Åhlén- Carlsson. Silzenzio is for sale.
Jennifer Svensson at Sibelius 12 year old approved stallion by Roosevelt-Prestige-Master. Breeders: Rigmor and Johnny Svensson. Own. The breeders and the horsewoman.

Lovisa wishes you a warm welcome